Paulette Keller April 30, 2024

Paulette Keller | 2024-04-26 13:49:59

"I highly recommend Janelle she is so nice and is the best groomer, She listens to you and does a clip for my toy poodle that is so adorable. When I go for my walks with Creasy Bear female apricot toy poodle people stop their cars to say your poodle is beautiful and they all say that they love the way she is clipped! So I highly recommend Janelle!"
armando castillo April 21, 2024

2024-05-03 | 14:00:08

"Great work"
Matthew Koundakjian March 27, 2024

2024-04-07 | 17:40:07

"A local place that takes great care of the grooming of my brother's dogs. The dogs always came away gorgeous and happy."
Luisa Avila December 27, 2023

2024-04-07 | 17:40:10

"Great job"
Sabrina Cannella December 20, 2023

2024-01-30 | 17:09:48

"We love the gals here. They do a great job with Oreo and Mozart. Very caring and loving with our fur babies."
Stephanie Quintero October 5, 2023

2023-11-14 | 22:10:30

"We love Clippendales! Our two shibas aways come out smelling fresh and feeling so clean! The only groomers that are able to clip these dogs nails I don’t know how they do it! The staff is very friendly and are quick to set up appointments. Pricing is fair and service it’s excellent :)"